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Credit Helpline is a Government Registered Debt Agreement Administrator


Credit Helpline Cairns has assisted individuals and small businesses in financial difficulty since 2004.
Are you facing the stress and struggle of living with overwhelming amounts of debt? Credit Helpline's goal is to reduce your debt repayments so you can begin living the lifestyle you've been dreaming about…being debt free! If you're unable to pay your minimum monthly payments, then it surely feels like your wheels are spinning and you're getting nowhere. A Debt Agreement through negotiation with your creditors, if accepted, will cut your debt repayments down to a level you CAN afford. Your proposal is custom-built for your current personal financial situation and level of debt in order to make the process quick and affordable for you.
If you qualify, we will establish a program that allows repayment of your debts through affordable regular repayments. 


A Part IX debt agreement is a legally binding agreement between a debtor and their creditors.
Our role as administrator starts with determining whether the debtor is insolvent and the extent of the debtor’s unmanageable debt. In assisting the debtor to prepare a debt agreement proposal we work with the debtor to establish their circumstances, their household expenses and income then decide what the debtor can realistically afford to pay creditors.
A proposal is then sent to the Australian Financial Security Authority whom ensure compliance with the wide range of requirements such as eligibility; clarifying aspects of proposals to ensure creditors are well informed to make a decision on their vote; and conducting the voting process with creditors. AFSA maintains the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) to ensure it reflects the status of the agreement.
In order to have your debt agreement proposal accepted a majority of creditors in value must vote in favour. 


Credit Help Line specialise in helping people get rid of their debts however during that process we also understand that there are many emotional issues that our clients deal with. Times are tough in today's modern world and dealing with debt often adds to the pain. In order to make the best of your situation its important to have a positive outlook and take control of your situation by making financial goals for yourself.
Credit HelpLine assists our clients take control of their debt problems by helping them establish goals across realistic timeframes.
The results are clients begin to learn again that they control their lives and do not have to be controlled by the harsh enviroment of not being able to repay their debts as they fall due. 


One regular affordable repayment. We deal with your creditors. Interest accruing on unsecured debt is frozen.
Protection from creditors and debt collectors. No more harrasing phone calls. Become debt free sooner.

A debt agreement can be proposed by a debtor who is insolvent (cannot pay their debts) & who has -
• Not been bankrupt, utilized a debt agreement or given an authority under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act in the last 10 years
• After tax income of less than about $82,104.75*
• Unsecured debts of less than about $109,473.00*
*Limits are updated twice yearly (March 20 and September 20)


During the voting period creditors cannot take debt recovery action or enforce a remedy against the debtor or the debtor’s property; and must suspend deductions by garnishee on debtor’s income.
A debtor who proposes a debt agreement commits an act of bankruptcy. A creditor can use this to apply to court to make the debtor bankrupt if the proposal is not accepted by creditors.
The debtor’s name and other details appear on the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII), a public record, for the proposal and any debt agreement.
The ability of the debtor to obtain further credit is affected. Details may also appear on a credit reporting organisation’s records for up to seven years.
What are the consequences of a Debt Agreement?
The debtor is not bankrupt.
All unsecured creditors are bound by the debt agreement and are paid in proportion to their debts.
The debtor is released from most unsecured debts when they complete all their obligations and payments.
Creditors cannot take any action against the debtor or property of the debtor to collect their debts.
The agreement does not release another person from a debt jointly owed with the debtor.
A debtor must disclose that s/he is a party to a debt agreement if incurring debt or obtaining goods and services in excess of $5546.00


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